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Robot lawn mowers




Robot Lawn Mowers to many still seem like a far away distant dream. To the contrary thousands of households have already forgotten what mowing is!
Without putting too much of a negative theme on the tradition of cutting grass. Weekends are just too precious for laborious maintenance tasks. There is no doubt that a freshly cut lawn is immensely satisfying like a new hair cut. The perfect manicured lawn says something about our lives and elevates our self esteem. It indicates to others that we are tidy, organised, up to date and industrious. The truth is we love a freshly mown lawn! It is the small inconveniences that come with conventional mowing that just make it not worth the hassle.


Robot lawn mower


After a long, dark and cold winter are the first few days with the promise of summer. We start to see fresh buds opening and an ever overgrown lawn. The weather is changeable and the grass is wet making the first mow of the season frustratingly messy. You open your garden shed for the first time since autumn to find your lawnmower looking damp and rusty. Despite this, industriously as ever we fight the long mowing battle all summer. The next cutting date pre organised in our brains every time we look out to our gardens.
We sometimes just do not appreciate how much free time goes into cutting lawns every year. With our lives getting busier do we really want to go through this forever? Can a robot lawn mower do all of this work with better results? This seems such a good deal but when was the last time you thought of investing in one? The average lawn will need on average 14 cuts a year to look at its best. This can depend on the size of your lawn but this always requires both time and money.


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Robot Lawn Mowers not only give you back your time they actually improve the quality of your lawn. Ever seen a river bank with perfectly short dense bright green grass? It always looks like something from a manicured golf course. The reason these lawn areas are so perfect is constant grazing from animals like geese and sheep. When grass is cut or grazed regularly the blades grow in a more horizontal rosette fashion.
The more often grass is cut the denser and greener it becomes at the base creating the perfect lawn. Robot lawn mowers also work on this principle keeping your lawn constantly cut short. This creates a denser, greener  and healthier looking lawn. Most of us cut our lawns with conventional lawn mowers every time we get a chance. This can mean scaring the grass at the base encouraging moss and a straw like texture. Rather than removing nutrient rich grass clippings from the lawn robot lawn mowers work differently. Their fast rotating blades blast grass into tiny particles spreading them back into the surface. This process allows fertility to be recycled keeping the grass green and healthy.
So robot lawn mowers are not just a science fiction gimmick or an out-of-reach luxury. Robotic lawn mowers free your summer time from endless cutting and give you the perfect lawn you always wanted. Robot lawn mowers are the future of grass cutting. Why not check out our robot lawn mowers review page here:


How They Work


All robot lawn mowers are different but they all rely on the same concepts to cut grass. robot lawn mowers operations are contained within a perimeter lawn boundary defined by a circuit wire. This wire is either pegged down into the base of the lawn or laid underneath a new landscaped lawn. Wire can be laid around stationary obstacles like tree leading back to the charging station. Many models have sensors to detect wet weather so they can return to their charging station. Some robot lawn mowers have extensive sophisticated navigation to avoid all sorts of obstacles and scenarios.


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The robot lawn mower charging station is an integral part of making the robot zero input from you. The charging station connects to mains electric so you do not have to plug it in when low on battery. When the robot is mowing if it gets low on charge it will go back to the charging station. It will do this of its own accord and will not leave until it is fully charged. The batteries are rechargeable utilising either nickel cadmium or lithium-ion.


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Conventional mowers cut via a large circular spinning cutting blade rotating at high speed cutting at the desired level. This method of cutting works over a relatively wide area under the body of the lawn mower. With robot lawn mowers the blades are smaller, sharper and faster, blasting the grass blades into tiny particles. These fall back to the base of the lawn. The smaller blades are located in the centre of the mowers body. This gives as much distance from the edge for a safe distance from external entities. This high frequency cutting gives a much better quality lawn than traditional machines. Grass becomes tight textured and dense very much like golf putting greens.







Robot lawn mowers’ main navigational structures are dictated to by the boundary wire. Once the robot recognises its operational parameters, it will create a map of your lawn within its memory. It then uses this map to adopt a random mowing pattern preventing lines of common travel forming. For unexpected obstacles such as children’s toys and fallen branches the mower will turn off the blades immediately. They stop, turn around and start mowing in another direction. This is the result of robot lawn mowers unique and intelligent navigation systems.


Set Up

With all robot lawn mowers the initial set up or installation is the most amount of work you will encounter with your device. In most cases you will need to install an outside power source reasonably close to where you desire you’re charging station to be located. Set up will have varying specifics depending on what make and model you choose. All robot lawn mowers have in-depth and easy to follow set up information to make the process as easy as possible for you. Some suppliers do have installation services to be hired with the mowers themselves. Setting the boundary wire is the most labour intensive part of the process; here you have two main options. You can either tap the wire down into the lawn with pegs provided or bury the cable via a channel or a whole new lawn.
Once the boundary has been laid the rest of the set up can be done by programming the robot lawn mower via an app or its programming computer. Here you can adjust specific operations such as mowing times and frequency to your personal preferences.


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The surface area of your lawn will dictate what robot mower make and model is best for your lawn. The lawn area usually analysed in square metres will also influence how much money you spend with the cheapest models only small suburban lawns. The more robust and sophisticated the robot lawn mower the larger the area it can handle. At the top end of the spectrum some mowers can handle up to 6000 square metres while some have a maximum limit of 300 square metres. Each make and model also comes with a certain amount of perimeter wire so the more nooks and crannies you set along the boundary the les surface area you will be able to mow.



All robot lawn mowers can handle gradients but some more than others. Again researching which robot lawn mower is best for your plot is essential for a successful result. Each model has specific information on gradient and slope limitations.



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The biggest obstacle to the effectiveness of robot lawn mowers in terms of weather is rain and wet conditions. Not only does rain lead to clogging the lawn itself can become slippery to making the wheels of the mower struggle to operate properly. Most robot lawn mowers have sensors to detect when the lawn is wet or when it starts to rain and go back to the charging station. It is expected that robot lawn mowers will be active during summer and in direct sunlight. Most mowers can handle high temperatures of 45 degrees Celsius and upwards. Specific weather limitations can be found within individual models specifications.



Robot lawn mowers are designed to avoid obstacles within the set up of the boundary wire but what about unexpected objects such as toys and fallen twigs? Most models sensors will pick up reasonably sized obstructions stop and move around them. With smaller objects however some robot mowers will try to go over through them which can lead them to getting stuck. It is best to avoid these types of obstacles as they can damage or blunt the cutting blades.


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In Comparison to both electric and petrol lawnmowers robot lawn mowers are virtually silent. Most robot lawnmowers make a light fan like sound as they cut meaning they are considerably less nuisance than any other garden appliance by far.


Seeing that petrol lawn mowers are some of the most polluting machines on the planet, robot lawn mowers relying on rechargeable electric batteries are a more ecological option. As renewable forms of energy become a greater percentage of our power robot lawn mowers sustainable credentials will continue to rise. Some models already have solar panels to assist the charging stations.


Robot lawn mowers being unattended machines with fast spinning blades have been designed with safety in mind. Not only have they been designed to be safe for people but also pets. Having said that, grass dwelling slugs and snails can fall victim to the blades of robot lawn mowers, I doubt an issue for most gardeners. The mowers have sensors which enable them to pick up unforeseen obstacles and move around them. The blades are placed at the centre of the robot. This means they are as far away from the edges as possible to reduce the chance of anything contacting the blades. To be safe it is always recommended to turn off the robot lawn mower when young children are playing on the lawn.


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Being generally expensive items and roaming freely across your garden robot lawn mowers are potentially targets for thieves. All these mowers have anti theft systems of some description. One of the most common features is an activation pin code to get them to start. Most models also have an alarm which sounds whenever they are picked up and a tracking device linked to an app on your computer or phone so you can easily locate a stolen machine. Seeing most back gardens are secure within themselves and when the mower is not mowing it goes back into the charging station, theft is highly unlikely.



As low maintenance is the very justification for buying a robot lawn mower they have been designed to be the minimum maintenance for their owners. Just the fact they are an electrical device means there is no need for oil top ups or spark plug replacements. The blades on these mowers do eventually slowly loose sharpness and need to be replaced. Some suppliers recommend every year for best results but blades should last at least two seasons on average. All makes and models have made changing the blades quite an easy affair with usually the operation requiring a screw driver and 5 minutes of your time.


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Winter storage

Robot lawnmowers are rugged outside machines that can take the temperature fluctuations of the average garden shed and out building. As a generally high value items with electrical computers it is advised that every year at the start of winter you clean all of the working parts of the robot mower and place it back in the box inside. This although not essential, this will reduce the risk of damp getting into the machine and will mean it will be in good working order every spring time.



Generally Robot lawn mowers are expensive ranging anywhere from £200 to £5000. The larger the lawn with more sophisticated, rugged the capabilities the higher the price. But what has to be said here is the time saved not just in the actual mowing but the annual planning and scheduling of your mowing regime is a serious life changing benefit. There simply cannot be a price put on your free time and this combined with the improved quality of your grass with a lower ecological impact make robot lawn mowers good value. Robot Lawn Mowers also have a novelty factor which means your neighbours will envy your lazy weekends in the garden while they are pacing up and down laboriously.


Energy Consumption

The energy consumption of robotic lawn mowers is very low. There small blades, compact bodies and modern rechargeable batteries means they cost on average £25 a year to your electric bill. Energy consumption for robot lawn mowers does vary but overall they are extremely energy efficient.


Robotic lawn mower




A low maintenance option to regular mowing saving you hours of time each year.
Much quieter than regular mowers reducing nuisance and going relatively unnoticed.
Progressively more ecological than other forms of mowing especially petrol mowers.
With modern rechargeable batteries and a compact size they have lower energy consumption.
Develops a better quality lawn over time with a high frequency grazing effect.
Robot lawn mowers are a novelty gadget that will make your neighbours jealous.



Initial set up and installation is labour intensive, consuming much time.
Robot lawn mowers are expensive compared to conventional mowers.
Blades on these mowers will need to be changed at least every other year.
Will ride over smaller objects not detected by sensors like toys and can get stuck.
Being a free ranging expensive item means there is a possibility of theft.


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In a world where spare time is precious, how much does time with your friends and family cost? That is the point here: robot lawn mowers are expensive. In reality they are on ‘average’ twice the price of good quality traditional lawn mowers but with added benefits. Robot lawn mowers save you time, lots of time in fact! Robot lawn mowers take a scheduled chore away from your summer weekends for good. That must be worth it? The convenience of not having to mow anymore can be life changing! Just imagine a great quality lawn, more shed space, less noise, and the jealous looks on your neighbours faces. Robot lawn mowers are good value for money, an informed choice and probably the future of lawn mowing.
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