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There are very few robot lawn mowers or any household appliance that have the prestigious good looks with a devilish attitude as the Ambrogio L300 Elite R. This Robot is a territorial beast efficiently maintaining up to 6,000 square metres of lawn at any one time. This is the largest of the Ambrigio mowers and at nearly 20 kilograms in weight. It has to be said there is not much that can get in its way. Let’s take a look further at this robot mower and see what its particular attributes are.




As with many robot mowers the Ambrogio L300 Elite R will need some initial start up site work to get it up and running.
Firstly the mowing area perimeter needs to be defined by pegging down the perimeter cable. The aim is to peg it low so it sits along the ground within the lawn. Care should be taken to get the cable us low to the ground as possible. To be extra thorough in your cable installation you can wiggle a spade grove to the whole perimeter. This will allow the cable to sink just below the lawn. If you need a new lawn you can incorporate this guide wire under new grass but is not necessary.
The Ambrogoio has the ability to service multiple lawn zones crossing patios and paths to reach other lawn areas. All cutting areas should have separate perimeter wire so they are defined for the robots navigation system to pick up. If separate lawn areas are defined or you are just cutting one large area. The charging station should be located in a safe location at the edge of one of these. Perimeter wire should pass through the charging station circuit so the robot mower can always find its way home.
Site location for your charging station is an important factor when installing your Ambrogio L300. Even though it has an anti theft system it’s best located somewhere out of sight of public places. It is best to locate the charging station in a sheltered position. This can be next to the home where it is less exposed to extreme conditions. The station will need mains electricity power so an external plug socket next to the home is ideal.
Building a simple housing unit for your Ambrogio Robot mower is a great idea. Although not essential its a great way to keep it protected when recharging for its next cutting mission. Although this is a little work and planning at the beginning this robust quality machine will require little else. The Ambrogio L300 Elite R has been designed with low maintenance in mind! Your days of conventional lawn mowing are almost over!



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Once you have located your charging station and your initial set up is complete for first charge can commence.
The Ambrogio robot lawn mower charges using two upright metal prongs protruding from the charging station. When the robot senses it is low on charge it travels over to the docking station, drives over the prongs and connects via a blade on its underbelly.
The mower uses a powerful and efficient Lithium Ion battery which propels this powerful machine into operation. Every full charge can produce between 5 and 10 hours or grass cutting depending on site conditions. The battery takes up to 8 hours to charge but bare in mind there can be multiple charges before any grass will grow back to a significant length.
The best thing is this robot is intelligent enough to monitor the cutting zone and site conditions. Once your set up is complete it will carry out tasks like charging and cutting without any input from you.




With its extra sharp 36cm rotating steel cutting blade and wheels designed for rough terrain The Ambrogio L300 Elite R can handle lawns a lot rougher than standard garden lawns.
The extra large cutting blades have four sharp edges which blast through grass with ease. The blades can even tackle slightly larger, thicker material like straw and perennial weeds. This means this robot mower can mulch through any aspiring meadow!
The way this robot mower cuts is different from conventional lawn mowers. There is no collection bag attached meaning there is no need to constantly empty away clippings. The Ambrogio’s powerful blades blast grass into tiny particles and spreads them down back into the lawn. This helps to mulch and feed the lawn locking it nutrients and moisture. Instead of mowing just when the grass gets long this robot mows at a high frequency. This results in a very tight textured lawn forcing the blades to grow width ways resulting in a professional golf course standard lawn.
The Ambrogio L300 Elite R’s  powerful electric motor allows it to drive its robust frame across difficult pitted terrain with relative ease. The wheels of this robot lawn mower are built for traction. The wheel shape design allows it to lock onto the landscape while not accumulating dirt and debris. The wheels have very small spikes which are not sharp but give them extra grip on wet and slippery lawns.


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This mower has an intelligent cutting system knowing when it is travelling across recently cut areas or longer grass. The robot mower will reduce its power output and disengage cutting when moving across areas already cut. This makes the Ambrogio L300 Elite R one of the most ecological and energy efficient on the market.
When the mower detects areas of particularly long or rough grass it will automatically raise power output and begin cutting in spiral mode. This cutting mode allows the mower to cut the same area from multiple angles ensuring a thorough and robust finish.
The robot lawn mower has a precipitation sensor which lets it know when it starts to rain. In such an event the robot turns back to its charging station to avoid wet cutting. Although the mower is weather proof cutting in the rain causes poor cutting and mess. The Robot knows not to mow in wet conditions meaning your lawn stays perfect whatever the weather.




The Ambrogio L300 Elite R has a very sophisticated navigation system. The mower uses a combination of smart algorithms, compass systems and Inclinometers. This enables the robot to adapt power usage and motor acceleration when needed for a specific task. If the robot encounters a slope it will increase power or move over a freshly mown patch reduce power to the cutting blades.
This super intelligence means you can rest assures your robot lawn mower is out doing its job whatever the landscape throws at it.


Ambrogio L300 Elite R


Moblie App


This mower has ability to work on its own merit but also complete control of its operations can be controlled at the push of a button. The downloadable phone application for this robot mower allows you to adjust all of its many settings.
The Bluetooth will allow all software updates to happen simultaneously without the need for cables to an external device. If you want absolute control or just want to show off to friends the phone app actually lets you control the robot like a remote control car. Now that is seriously cool!




The Ambrogio L300 Elite R underwent many tests during the design and construction process and has been robustly built for strength and longevity. This is a tough, heavy machine that will last the test of time.
Even though this mower has been designed to take abuse it is recommended that it should be given a dry home for the winter free of damp. This will ensure a fresh machine at the beginning of the cutting season ready to take on daily cutting regimes. It is also advisable to give the mower a clean in winter getting rid of any debris and stuck on clippings. Changing the cutting blades once a year will ensure the machines mowing performance will stay at its best.


Ambrogio L300 Elite R wheels




Like most robot lawn mowers the Ambrogio L300 R has an array of safety features to avoids, children, pets and being stolen.
Obstacle sensors, Lift and tilt sensors work to shut down the wheels and cutting blades if anything disturbs its mowing patterns. If the robot is picked up or encounters and obstacle the machine will simply stop. If the mower is picked up at any stage the alarm will sound which will only stop once the security pin is entered. The mobile app also allows you to track the location of your device.




The Ambrogio L300 Elite R retails for around £3000 which is at the higher price range for robot lawn mowers. Having said that when you consider its robust construction, its extended features and good design we feel it is extremely good value.


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This robot lawn mower is well designed, robust and gives you a commanding control over your lawn maintenance that is envious. The Ambrogia range is well known for durable design and exceptional modern engineering. This makes the Ambrogio L300 Elite R  a very well rounded machine or as robot mowers are concerned, the full package!
If you have a large lawn with challenging features and want as little input as possible this is the mower for you. Sit back, log into you app and see exactly what your mower is working on. The fact that this beast is built to be robust have the peace of mind your L300R will be saving you lawn maintenance for many years to come.
And am I allowed to say… it looks pretty awesome too!






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