Gardena R70LI Review

Gardena R70LI review


The Gardena R70LI Robot mower is a compact mower Ideal for average garden lawns up to 700 square metres. This robot lawn mower is a light, compact mower that is quiet and inconspicuous. Gardena models are owned by Husqvarna and sport top quality German design. This Gardena R70LI review will break down its features.


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The set up of the Gardena is simple as with most robot lawn mowers. Deciding on the charging station location and laying the boundary wire does take some consideration. The mower comes with 200 metres of loop wire. This should be more than enough to map out your lawn allowing for obstacles such as trees and ornaments. The Gardena R70LI also comes with 400 wire staples allowing for a minimum of 2 per linear metre. Once the wire is laid type in your preferences to the small computer keyboard and you are away.


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The Gardena R70LI robot lawn mower comes with 3 pivoting razor blades cutting at a height of between 2-5cm and at a width of 17cm. The blades on this mower are sharp but light weight and are prone to damage if used in places with hard debris such as stones.
One of the main selling points of this mow-bot is its lightweight agile design. It can fit into tight spaces and can put up with more complex spatial lawn arrangements. This robot Lawn mower does not have a rain censor. The idea being it is light and agile enough to work in wet weather. In my opinion this is rather relying on the free draining condition of your lawn to work well. The weather proof design does however ensure a mower that will last the test of time and whatever nature throws at it.
This is a particularly quiet mower with a maximum operating sound of 60 Db (A). The Gardena R70LI general lightweight design and inconspicuous attributes also means it is energy efficient with a charging time of 50 minutes and very low energy consumption. If at any time during mowing you need the mower to stop simply push the red stop button. This will result in it returning to its charging station. If at any point the mower gets low on charge it will automatically return to its charging station.
The Gardena R70LI operates on a random mowing pattern mapped by the central computer. This ensures an even cut and reduces the threat of wheel track lines appearing in the lawn. The small blades spin at great speed ensuring grass is blasted into tiny molecules which fall to the base of the lawn. The compact size of this mower can get into tight spaces but the shape means it can miss blades of grass at the edges.


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Obstacle sensors on the front and back this mower means it will stop and carry on in another direction if it encounters an obstruction. For safety The Gardena is built with cutting blades hidden under its body. Sensors are an extra preventative feature to stop anything coming close to cutting blades. Lift and tilt sensors also cut out the blade motors so if they are picked up or roll over there is no danger from exposure to the cutting blades.
The Gardena R70LI review also has a security pin and alarm system, if the mower is picked up unexpectedly the alarm will sound and the robot will lock without the 4 digit security key.


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The Gardena R70LI Robot mower has some great features and is ideal for small to medium gardens. This robot lawn mower can handle complex shapes and tight spaces well. Be cautious however if you have a boggy and dramatically uneven lawn. The rainproof design means this is a weather tight mow-bot it will try to fight through bad weather conditions. In bad weather the Gardena can clog up, make a mess, leave tracks and get stuck. I would recommend this robot lawn mower for relatively tame even well drained lawn cutting. For more Robot lawn mower articles and reviews for other models like this one go to: