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The McCulloch ROB R1000 is a robot lawn mower with an edge. Day and night this robot can cut your lawn giving an immaculate finish saving you time and effort. McCulloch have nick named this robot ‘Rob’. This makes it seem more than just another household appliance its apart of the family! What is even more impressive is that it has some very desirable features especially for the price. The McCulloch ROB R1000 boasts combination of almost silent operation. It also has full scheduling control and a vast operation area of up to 1000 metres square. This robot deserves a closer inspection!


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The McCulloch ROB R1000 set up and installation will take some time and planning. The main considerations of its installation are both the charging station and the perimeter wire. Location of the charging station should be your first concern. The charging station should ideally be located somewhere sheltered next to the house or external power source. Fundamentally the charging station will be the start and end point of the perimeter wires circuit. This is why its best to locate in a lawn area that needs to be mown by the house.
Although ‘Rob’ has a sophisticated security system it is good to keep the charging station away from public view. Some robot lawn mower owners actually build a secure, weather proof housing unit for their robot.
The perimeter wire should be laid around the area you require to be cut. Large stationary objects such as trees are good to lay around with a line feeding back to the main perimeter. It has to be noted that the McCulloch ROB R1000 can detect unexpected obstacles and will move around them. Small objects such as toys and soft balls may not be picked up by the sensors so be aware there is potential conflict here.


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To anchor the perimeter wire into your lawn you are supplied with a few hundred pegs which can fix down the cable. Alternatively the wire can be buried up to an inch below ground which gives better security against the risk of breaking or cutting the wire. A narrow channel can be created with an edging spade all the way around your lawn. Sink the blade in about 1 inch and leaver the ground back and forth it can be a lot of work but worthwhile if you want to submerge the wire completely. This is not completely necessary as the grass will usually grow over the wire over time anyway.
Just a note here the McCulloch ROB R1000 is supplied with 400 linear metres of cable which is more than you need. Extra wire is useful for guiding the robot around obstacles and allows for very linear stretches of lawn.
Once the physical side of the R1000 is complete you will then have to schedule the cutting schedule via the keypad. Here you can set up cutting modes, mowing frequency and cutting times. Installation of robot lawn mowers can take some time and planning but once this stage is complete get used to very little work indeed!


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The McCulloch ROB R1000 is powered by a Lithium Ion battery which is one of the most efficient for this sort of device. The robot has a charging time of only one hour which is very quick for a robot lawn mower. When the mower senses it is getting low on charge it will automatically go back to its charging station and dock.


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The cutting blades of this robot do a very good job simultaneously blasting the grass into small particles back into the fabric of the lawn. This high frequency way of cutting never lets the grass get long making it form a low growing tight textured lawn. The R1000 by cutting this way will slowly improve the quality of your lawn over time. The tiny cut grass particles will help retain the lawns nutrients and moisture levels. Most robot lawn mowers will improve your lawns quality by cutting in this way.
When cutting the McCulloch ROB R1000 is very quiet compared to other mowers running at sound level of 57 decibels. This means you can technically programme your mower to cut grass at night whilst you sleep.
Another impressive feature of the mower is it can tackle slopes of up to 25 percent. This is certainly at the top end when it comes to other robot lawn mowers.
Although the Mc Culloch is fully weather proof and robust to whatever nature throws at it there is a down side to this mower. The robot has no rain sensor this can be a problem as cutting in the rain although is theoretically possible it is not a good idea. When cutting in the rain grass particles can become clogged and created a spluttered mess across the lawn. Mowing in the rain will also make the robot clogged with a frothy green mash of splattered grass clippings. Your only option to completely avoid this scenario is to keep an eye on the weather and stop the mower cutting when you are not around.















Although robot lawn mowers are built around the concept of low maintenance there are some small tasks to be carried out.
When purchased the robot comes with a set of replacement blades that will have to be changed ideally every year to keep the cutting efficient. Especially due to there being no rain sensors we would advise that at the end of the season the working parts should be thoroughly cleaned and taken inside. Taking the R1000 inside is not essential in winter but it will certainly go a long way to ensure its longevity.


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Saftey is a common concern when it comes to robot lawn mowers. The McCulloch ROB R1000 has extensive safety sensors. These robots are very safe and have built in features to protect children, pets and unexpected collisions.
A series of sensors will stop and disengage blades if there is any obstacle or tilting of the machine. In the event of anyone trying to lift away the mower an alarm will sound! This can only be turned off via your 4 digit pin code on the key pad. These extensive safety features mean robot lawn mowers are safe systems. However we would always recommend keeping cutting and children play times separate. This is for more the robots safety than the children’s to be honest!




The McCulloch R1000 retails at around £900.00. Considering it can cut up to 1000 meters square is good value compared to other models. Cost downsides include the absence of rain sensors, mobile and Wi-Fi connectivity present in comparably priced robots.


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This robot lawn mower can handle an extremely large area of lawn for the cost. ‘Rob’ has a superior cutting system to most other models in its class. For £900 this is at the lower end of the robot mower market. Rob is well built with great traction, charging time and good looks. Even though this mower lacks the extras of Wi-Fi and downloadable apps these are never essential for mowing grass. Mowing grass is one thing that the McCulloch ROB R1000 does very well. If you want to maintain a large lawn with slopes and dips to a high standard for under £1000.00 this is the mower for you.



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