Robomow RX20u Review

Robomow RX20U Review


The Robomow RX20u Robot Lawn Mower is lightweight, compact and affordable. Its nimble frame can handle narrow passages and multiple mowing zones, up to five! This makes the Robomow RX20u perfect for average sized sub-urban gardens. This robot mower will cut lawns of up to 300 metres square but performs at its best at about 200m. Its green and black design is non offensive and blends in well with garden surroundings. This is what we found with the RX20u.


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Installation with this robot is relatively easy, the mower comes with either 100 or 200 linear metres of guide wire. Like all robot lawn mower installation guide wires should be tapped into the lawn using pegs provided. What is special about this mower is you have up to five separate mowing zones. This is where the mobile app and remote control connection comes into its own. The app can be downloaded for free by scanning a bar code which comes with your model. The Robomow can be programmed to tackle different lawn zones on different days and times giving you complete control of your mowing schedule.
It should be noted that this robot lawn mower requires a shelter of some sort for the charging station. You can either locate the station within a garage, under a lean-to or build a small house for this mower. This will ensure all year round protection from the elements.


Robomow RX20U review




The Robomow RX20u has a built in 26 volt lead acid battery which powers the electrical motor. This can power the robot for up to between 90 – 120 minutes of cutting time. The main downside with this model is it has an average charging time of between 16-20hours which is a long time! This is usually the case with cheaper models using lead acid batteries opposed to Lithium Ion. Having said that grass doesn’t grow that quick and as long as you have a lawn no bigger than 300 metres square this should not cause an issue.




With a 100 watt cutting power this little robot mower has no problem blasting the grass blades into tiny particles. This is why robot lawn mowers do not need collection bags they constantly cut at the grass using high frequency mowing. High frequency cutting results in a dense, fine textured professional looking lawn forcing the grass to grow as horizontal as possible. The RX20u blasts the grass particles back into the grass feeding the lawn and helping it to retain moisture.
For safety reasons the blades do not extend all the way to the outer body of the mower this means some striming may be required along ways or around trees.
On the whole the Robomow RX20u does not hand slopes as well as some other robots on the market.

Robomow RX20U Review

Most high specification robot lawn mowers can handle gradients of between 20-22 degrees, this model only handles around 8.5 degrees. On the whole I do not think this is too much of a problem as this mower will handle slopes within the parameters of an average garden lawn.
The RX20u’s robust cutting blades can be adjusted to cut a height between 15-45 millimetres. The mower has been built with a floating deck, levelling feature. The floating deck enables the robot to cut a consistent flat lawn even with bumps and divots present.
It is recommended that the cutting blade is changed every season to keep the robot cutting at its best.
This model is capable of mowing multiple zones as well as accessing tight spaces and awkward angles. The only thing you should look out for is it cannot mow sections of lawn narrower than 15 cm.
The Robomow RX20u comes with three main cutting modes for coping with various conditions and personal preferences.


Robomow RX20U


Edge mode

This allows you to blast off all the outer edges of your garden lawn. For its optimum use care should be taken during installation to lay the guide wires for easy edge cutting. The manufacturer’s instillation guide will instruct you on how this is done.


Turbo Mode

Turbo mode can be applied if your grass is thicker and longer than usual perhaps there has been much rain or you have been away. This mode spins the blades at a higher rate and moves the mower slower allowing it to power through thicker grass.


Eco mode

Eco mode will save you energy by cutting at a slower rate and pace especially effective on established lawns with non vigorous growth.



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The Robomow RX20u is a very low maintenance robot lawn mower. We do recommend that once a year the blades are replaced and during winter the robot is cleaned and kept inside in its box.




This robot is safe for pets and children to be around but to be one hundred percent safe it is recommended to keep pets and children away when it is mowing.
In case of an obstacle the robot has built in bump sensors. If the bump sensors encounter a foreign object it will stop, shut off blades and reverse mowing in another direction. If the mower is lifted or tilted in any way the lift and tilt sensors will also disengage operation. These sensors are also a good security device. If the device is lifted an alarm will sound that can only be switched off via a pin code on the key pad.


Robomow RX20U




Although there are some shortcomings of the The Robomow RX20u I think overall its good value for money. Multiple features such as mobile app, Bluetooth and multi-zone functions make it pack a punch for the price. A few issues such as a slow charging time and less weather resistance as more expensive models are nothing to worry about the robot will still do its job. This lightweight nimble mower will cut lawns with pokey corners and narrow passages in any average sized garden. If you have multiple lawn areas or an average lawn with not very steep hills this could be the perfect robot lawn mower for you.



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