Robot Mower Honda miimo HRM300 Review

Honda Miimo HRM300

The Honda Miimo HRM 300


Although the smell of freshly cut grass in summer is an excitement for the senses. Let’s face it mowing the grass is an inconvenience. One typical, annual irritation of spring is digging out the ever rustier mower which has been sleeping all winter. There is always a sigh of relief if it starts with no issue! Most conventional mowers usually look degraded and worn after a couple of years of continuous service. Not the Honda Miimo HRM300.
The fully automatous Honda Miimo HRM300 does not face such problems. Its low profile and sleek aerodynamic curves makes it look more like a new sports car than a mower. What I love about this robot lawn mower is its modern, clean design gives it second to mowing the visual aesthetics of a garden ornament. While most garden appliances look like grown up toys the Miimo 300 looks like a work of art. So, Is the Miimo robot mower all it’s cracked up to be? Is it worth paying extra and can it cut the grass as good as it looks?
Honda being a well known maker of electronics firstly gives us a great starting point. The electrical giant not only manufactures leading brands of motor bikes, SUV’s, and lawn mowers it also is a pioneer in Robot technology. They have just developed the humanoid robot Asimo which is so advanced it can serve you your favourite drink or even play sports! So it seems Honda have mastered the art of making both lawnmowers and robots.


Mimo robot lawnmower




As with most robotic lawn mowers the Honda Miimo HRM300’s  installation is the most work you will undertake with this mower. The Miimo comes with enough perimeter wire to set up lawns of up to 220 metres square. The perimeter wire is either pegged to the outside of the cutting area or laid under a new lawn. The wire can be used to guide the mower away from stationary garden obstacles such as statues or play equipment. A route for the Miimo to find its way back home can be defined by the perimeter wire. The perimeter wire can be laid in a circuit starting and ending at the charging station. This allows the mower to always find its way back to its home to recharge.
The Miimo’s charging station housing can be fixed flat to the ground for security. You should consider the location of the charging station carefully for a couple of reasons. Firstly the charging station will have to be connected to the mains electricity supply of the home. Here you either locate the charging station to the nearest external electricity supply or install an extra garden installation of armoured cable fixed to an external plug source. It is worth bearing in mind for this you will have to hire a professional to do this for you if you do not already have external power points.
The charging station location should be a matter for some planning. This should be placed out of the way so it is not a hazard or gets stamped on. If you have a large front lawn Milmo’s expensive cost means an inconspicuous location is best. However having said that The Honda Miimo HRM300  has extremely robust anti theft built in devices.
Once the physical part of the installation is complete all you have to do is set up your mowing preferences. If your garden lawn is already long when the Miimo arrives set the highest cutting setting. The cutting setting can be altered under the body via a height adjusting knob.
The rest of the installation settings can be accessed at the upper part of the mower at the central computer control panel under a weather proof cover. Here you can manipulate all preferences including cutting and mowing scheduling.
One of the down sides to this mower is it does not have Wi-Fi connectivity or the ability to change its settings via your mobile device. Having said this is not that important when it comes to cutting your lawn and is more of a show off luxury. There should be no reason to re-schedule the cutting frequency of your lawn other that initial set up.


Mimo Honda robot mower




The Charging part of the robot lawn mower is easy, when the mower is running low on charge it will simply return to its charging station automatically. Honda Miimo HRM300’s Lithium-ion batteries have a charging time of around 30 minutes.




One of the best features of the Miimo’s cutting abilities is just how quiet this robot lawn mower is! The operational cutting motors on this mower are very quiet running at 58 decibels. This is the equivalent sound level of background music in a hair salon. Not only that there is a quiet mode feature meaning you can lower the sound level further to 55 db. This means there is no chance of disturbing neighbours or those silent moments in the garden we all cherish.
There is no need to worry about ruining the good looks of the Honda Miimo there is not grass collection bag! The beauty of the cutting system is the blades spin so fast the grass blades are effectively turned to dust and scattered back into the lawn. The 25W motor along with the separate wheels 10W motors means optimum power is driven to the cutters. This mowing system actually helps the lawn to retain moisture and actually feeds the grass making it greener and healthier.



Mimo robot lawnmower underside


Cutting blades of the Miimo are made out of a bendable metal alloy for extra flexibility. This means blades are less likely to break if they hit solid objects such as stones. A fantastic feature of this mowers cutting blades is they automatically alternate between cutting clockwise and anti clock wise. This means the cutting edges of the blades last twice as long as single rotating models.
One of the desirable features of the cutting system is it possesses three cutting patterns:
For linear lawns with narrow spaces the mower will perform quick tight turns to reach all edges effectively.
Mowing in a random pattern going straight for periods and then spinning to a random direction and repeating the process. This is effect on large open areas of lawn.
The mower will alternate between Directional and random mode every 15 minutes. This mode is effective for irregular shaped lawns with nooks and crannies as well as larger lawns.
Honda Miimo HRM300 has an ability to cut grass on uneven terrain handling slopes of up to 25 degrees. A special sensor to avoid holes and sharp dips in the ground makes it operate with ease.
The weather tight body and powerful cutting system means this robot mower can mow even in the rain. Wet weather is not optimal for any kind of lawn maintenance but Miimo can handle it. the extra water proof qualities of this robot mower ensures its longevity as well as all weather capabilities.



The beauty of any robot lawn mower is by design they are maintenance free in every way and the Honda HRM 300 is no exception. To keep the Miimo at its best clean around all working parts during winter. During extremes bring it inside rather outside or a damp out building. To maintain optimal cutting the blades should be changed every year.





Mimo Robot mower





Like most robot lawn mowers the blades are situated well underneath the body so there is no chance they will come into contact with toes or garden pets. All of these mowers have safety sensors cutting off the blades if there is a sudden obstruction or suddenly picked up.




The Honda Miimo HRM300 at around £1,500 is one of the more expensive robot lawn mowers however it is by far the best looking and has one of the best cutting systems. For a lawn of about 100 square metres and saving garden maintenance charges it would probably pay for itself within 2 and a half years. The larger the lawn the more economical it will become but obviously the more work load it will undertake. Obviously there is also a value in not having to worry about the state of your lawn and the superior lawn quality robot lawn mowers provide.




The Honda Miimo HRM300 is a modern looking well designed robot mower. Arguably it does lack some features its competitors boost such as Wi-Fi capabilities and controllable app features. These are however not priority in the ability of a robot lawn mower to cut grass and cutting grass is something the Miimo does very well. The advanced cutting systems, weather tight body, quiet operating volumes and of course good looks make the Honda Miimo HRM300 robot lawn mower a well informed choice.


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