Worx Landroid WG790E Review

The Worx Landroid WG790E robot lawnmower is a compact device that maintains your lawn with minimum effort.


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The Worx Landroid WG790E mows up to 800 square metre lawns with industrious grace. The robot is programmed to return back to its docking station when weather conditions are unfavourable. The Worx Landroid has opposite rotating blades which give a professional neat cut to your garden grass. Its blade rotation also extends the life of the blades meaning a reduced need to change parts.
The mower comes pre programmed and ready straight out of the box! All that is needed is to install the boundary cable and it is ready to go. The WG790E has built in algorithms that allow it to decide where it cuts and obstacles it avoids. When mowing is complete it will return to its docking station where it will automatically recharge its battery.
The Worx Landroid WG790E is powered by a 28 volt li-ion battery with a 1hour 30 minute charging time. This robot mower can mow lawns up to 800 square metres. A full charge should be enough to mow a full 800 metres of lawn cutting. One of the benefits of robot mowers is the circular cutting blades are gentler on the grass than conventional mowers. Most traditional lawn mowers blades hack at the grass horizontally causing stress to the lawn. The Landroids blades cut the grass into tiny particles spreading them back into the lawn feeding it at the same time.



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At 8.5 kg this robot mower is extremely compact and light. Larger heavy robotic lawn mowers can sometimes get bogged down in heavy rain but not this mower. Its light 55 x 37 x 26cm frame allows it to access narrow stretches of lawn other mowers could not reach. This manoeuvrability means it can handle slopes of up to 20 degrees which is more of a gradient for most garden lawns.
In terms of looks the Worx Landroid WG790E is hardly inconspicuous with its rugged design even though light this robotic mower is extremely tough. There is a rather large stop button at the rear of the robot if there is ever the unlikely event of an emergency stop. The robust weather proof body covers the Landroids main controlling functions such as the keypad. The small screen tells you how much charge is left as well as other performance information. For safety reasons when approached and picked up the landroid will stop working.



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The base station of the Worx Landroid is made of black plastic, easy to blend in with garden surroundings. The charging station can be fixed to the ground for extra stability. This has a handle which can be used to pull it and relocate if you wish to. The robot mower docs at the charging station by making contact with the two metal prongs which stick up out of the base plate.
The most labour intensive part of the robots installation is the laying of the boundary cable. Pegs come supplied which you bag in over the perimeter cable. Although in a perfect situation the cable should be laid underneath the lawn itself. During installation the boundary wire should be pegged down 35cm from the actual lawn boundary. This prevents he robot colliding into large objects or fences. Occasionally a small line of grass can be missed meaning you may have to go over with a strimmer. When laying the cable try to experiment with the boundary first the Landroid can get stuck in voids near lawn corners and garden objects. The wire should be laid in a circuit which starts and ends under the charging station.
The Worx Landroid WG790E can cut your lawn between a 20-60 mm which can be adjusted via a dial under the robot mower. If you are starting out with long grass it is recommended you start on the highest setting before cutting shorter. Sensors built into the Landroid mean it can avoid obstacles’ and go around them but be warned smaller thinner obstacles such as washing line stands can be missed meaning there is a slight possibility of getting stuck.



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Overall the Worx Landroid WG790E  is a middle of the range priced robot mower. The price is the usual reason why most people use conventional mowers. However the annual time this mower can save you can absolutly justify the cost. A frustration with the Worx Landroid WG790E is having to strim the edges. Having said that you will not regret having this cool gadget in your garden. The piece of mind that another weekend job is taken care of is priceless! Dare I say the robot lawn mower will in the end become more of a household pet.


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