Flymo 1200R Robotic Lawn Mower.

The Flymo 1200R Robotic Lawn Mower




The Flymo 1200R robotic lawn mower is intended for smaller, urban gardens. It is effective at maintaining your lawn perfectly leaving you to focus on the more important things in life. This robot lawn mower easily mows the lawn on its own without any intervention.  Getting used to not mowing the grass is one of those small life dividends. At around £600 it is three times the cost of a good quality petrol mower. Having said that, robot mowers average at about £2,000! This makes The Flymo 1200R robotic lawn mower a very affordable option.
In justifying the cost you have to trade off three main factors. How much will a new lawn mower cost you? Do you value the spare time the Flymo will safe you? What people can you show off your new gadget to? Taking all of these things into account usually justifies the £600 purchase!


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Like most robot lawn mowers there are three main elements to installation:


Perimeter Cable


The Flymo 1200R robotic lawn mower comes with 150 metres of perimeter cable. This should be pegged deep down into the base of your lawn. The robot therefore comes with 200 pegs for this purpose. Alternatively if you are installing a whole new lawn the cable can be submerged up to 1 inch. The cable should create a circuit around lawn areas and end back at the charging station. It is advised that large stationary obstacles such as trees should be also be defined with the cable. The Flymo 1200R robotic lawn mower comes with specific instructions for the particulars of laying the cable.


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Charging Station


The charging station should ideally be located next to both the home and the lawn. It is best to position this next to the house where there is necessary shelter and power supply. Planning the location of the charging point requires some thought. Try to locate it somewhere it will not cause a trip hazard and somewhere not exposed to bad weather.


Settings Key Pad


The settings key pad is located at the top of the robot lawn mower under a protective hatch. Here you can manipulate all of its operational functions. Cutting height, Alarm settings, mowing times and cutting modes can all be altered here.




The Flymo 1200R robotic lawn mower  charges via a lithium-ion 18 V 1.6 Ah battery. These are the highest performing rechargeable batteries used inside robot lawn mowers. When the mower is running low on charge it will automatically return to the charging station. The robot connects with the charging point via protruding prongs connecting to the underbelly of the device.
Charging usually takes around one hour with an operational working time of 75 minutes.


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The efficient power system driven by the 18 volt battery means the Flymo1200R has all the power it needs to cut your lawn effortlessly.
The Flymo 1200R robotic lawn mower boasts a robust power delivery system and wheels designed for exceptional traction. This means it can handle slopes of 14 degrees even in wet weather. The battery delivers power to the three rotational cutting blades under the body of the robot mower. These powerful blades spin so fast they blast grass into a fine dust invisible to the naked eye. This irradiates the need for collection bags and the continuous emptying of conventional mowing. These small grass particles go back in to lawns surface replenishing nutrients and help retain moisture.
This high intensity mowing system is much better than they way conventional mowers mow. Traditional lawn mowers are typically reached for when the grass is already too long! The base of the grass becomes woody and tough resulting in a sub standard lawn quality. If you already pay for lawn care consequently this mower will save you extra money! The Continuous cutting regime of the Flymo 1200R robotic lawn mower will mimic the action of grazing animals in nature. The high frequency cutting forces the grass shoots to grow in a horizontal rosette fashion. Therefore this gives your lawn a dense, lush green, tight textured, professional lawn thankfully in just a few months of operation.


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The Flymo 1200R cuts in a random fashion across the surface of the lawn. This takes away the risk of developing track marks on the lawn over time. It also means slight hollows and dips can be cut more effectively. This mower operates at a sound level of just 58 dB (A) consequently it’s probably not going to wake up the neighbours if you want it to cut grass at night.
The Flymo 1200R robotic lawn mower has a cutting height spectrum of between 20 – 50mm. These cutting settings can be adjusted at the top of the device via the turntable knob.
Flymo have produced good quality cutting mowing systems for many years and is a world leader in this field. It is clear that the cutting capabilities of this mower with its fast turning trio of blades are exceptional.




The whole point of purchasing a robot lawn mower is to escape from that dreaded burden of maintenance. This is why the Flymo 1200R robotic lawn mower once installed and programmed will need absolutely zero input from you. All that is advised is that at the end of the season you take in the mower inside. It is recommended to clean its working parts before winter storage. Cutting blades should be replaced every year and is a very simple process.




Saftey is a common concern when it comes to deciding if a robot lawn mower is for you. The idea of having a robotic creature with fast spinning blades and a life of its own is sometimes too much for some. This is especially the case when the home has pets and children.
The Flymo 1200R has a series of sensors and safety devices to stop unwanted scenarios in the garden. Lift and tilt sensors instantly cut power to the whole device if the mower is moved, lifted, tilted or rolls over in any way. These sensors instantly disengage the blades so nothing can be harmed by them. When the robot encounters unexpected obstacles it will simply stop, turn around and go the other way.


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Still not 100 percent sure? Remember the Flymo 1200R robotic lawn mower can be programmed to mow whenever you wish. If children or pets are playing the mower can be temporarily switched off or programmed to work at night. Furthermore lift sensors will stop the device if it picked up resulting in a loud alarm will sound. This can only be switched off via a pin code on the key pad making theft very unlikely. As a matter of fact the mower itself is useless to a thief without the charging station. Hence making the Flymo a pretty secure device.
You know having an automatic mower running in the garden with children and pets can be a worry but the safety features on the 1200 R robot mower are clearly second to none. Tilt, lift and bump sensors make this amazing Flymo 1200R Robotic mower a safe option to have working on the lawn or garden. In case any of these sensors get triggered the mower will stop the blade right away. There is also a PIN code that is required to unlock the mower to change mowing schedules so that it cannot get used at any other time by any other individual. Indeed, it is wonderful for security and safety of everyone. It is also featured with an alarm if it gets lifted off the charge station you can be certain your garden will be secured.




The Flymo 1200R robotic lawn mower retails at around £600 which is extremely good value given the brand and most robot mowers are well over £1000. You can check current Amazon prices by clicking here.


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This model has many positives the most common are:
• Great value for money having many features and saving you hours of time.
• It easily suits an averaged sized garden which the majority of people have.
• Gives you more free time
• It is a novelty gadget so you can impress your friends.
• Actually improves the quality of your lawn.
• It is extremely quiet so you will not even notice it working.



There are always some small downsides, these are:
• The mower is not really suitable for huge lawns.
• There is no rain sensor featured in this robotic machine but it can mow in the rain.
• It cannot tackle steps or very steep gradients.
• It is more expensive than a traditional mower.
• There is some initial preparation work with installation.
• Does not handle very long grass, may need initial cut with lawn mower to get started.



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As a budget robot lawn mower the Flymo 1200R robotic lawn mower makes robot lawn mowers accessible for all. It does lack some extra features of the more expensive models such as Wi-Fi and downloadable apps. These however do not upset the day to day function of maintaining your lawn. Not only will this model save you time mowing, most importantly it will improve the quality of your lawn. For the cost we believe this is a sound investment and well worth the price. Get ready to look over the fence at your neighbour with pity! get ready for another chore gone and more spare time enjoying friends and family.




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