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The Yard Force SA500ECO is a sturdy well designed German robot lawn mower. It falls within the more affordable range for robot lawn mowers. Germany being a pioneer of robot lawn mower design makes a German robot in action interesting to see. We are going to give a brief overview of this mower to see what its particulars are.


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Installation of this robot lawn mower is similar to most other robot mowers. Set up consists of a boundary wire running back to a charging station.
The perimeter wire should be laid around the area to me maintained. This is fixed down into the grass with pegs provided. Boundary wire can be buried up to an inch! Hence you have the option to dig down a grove and bury the wire. If you have a major landscaping project pending you can also lay this under a new lawn.
Locating the charging station is quite an important part of installation. A sheltered position next to an external power source near the home is your best option here. It is good to have the charging station next to the lawn it will be cutting with the perimeter wire creating a circuit through it.
Programming your mowing preferences is easy and can be carried out via the central control keypad.


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The Yard Force SA500ECO comes with a lithium Ion battery, incidentally the best kind for these types of robots. This battery means the mower has a powerful driving system capable of powering up slopes of 27 degrees. This makes it one of the most capable robots of handling steep slopes on the market today.
The Battery has a quick charging time of 1 hour and a running time also of about an hour. When the robot mower senses it is low on charge it will automatically head back to the charging station to dock.


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The Yard Force SA500ECO can cut up to 500 metres of lawn hence much bigger than most average sized garden lawns. One of the main cutting attributes of this robot lawn mower is its sturdiness and good traction. The wheels of this robot are solid designed to tackle steep hills and difficult terrain.
The cutting blades are capable of cutting at 5 different heights between 20 and 60 millimetres and at a width of 18 centimetres. This mower comes with three extra cutting blades; the blades are designed to spin fast consequently blasting the clippings into tiny particles back into the lawn. This is how all robot lawn mowers cut replenishing nutrients back to the ground mulching therfore locking in moisture. That’s right The Yard Force SA500ECO  will make your lawn healthier and look greener. The high frequency cutting system will cut your grass often forcing the stems to grow horizontally. This creates a tight textured lawn any cricket pitch keeper would be proud of.
This Robot mower runs at a frequency which creates little sound. At just 67 decibels the Yard Force mower can cut grass at night whilst you sleep.
This robot lawn mower comes with a rain sensor built in. This means in the event of wet weather it will turn around and go back to its charging station. Even though the robot is weather proof cutting in the rain can be messy causing wet cuttings to build up around the blades.
During cutting operations if the robot encounters unexpected obstacles it will stop turn around and continue on another path.















The Yard Force SA500ECO will cut your lawn automatically without any input from you after the initial set up. Even though robot lawn mowers are designed to give you as little work as possible there are some small maintenance procedures. It is advised that the cutting blades are changed every year to keep the robot cutting perfectly. Even though the Yard Force is built to handle the vigour’s of outside life it is advised to bring it inside during winter. With all electrical devices cold and damp can eventually get into the system which is important to remember with these devices. A good thorough clean of all the moving parts is also advised once a year to prevent a build up of damp waste material.


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The Yard Force SA500ECO has various safety sensors and alarm systems. Consequently at any point the robot is moved, tilted or touched it will disengage the blades and stop. If at any point the mower is lifted a loud alarm will sound which will have to be turned off via the pin code on the key pad.




At around £550.00 the mower is at the affordable of the robot lawn mower spectrum. Therefore we believe it is more robust in construction from its main competitor the Flymo 1200R. This is a sturdy bit of machinery with performance and rigidity at the heart of its design. For the cost the performance of this machine is really very impressive.


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Even though the Yard Force SA500ECO is at the lower end of the price bracket it effectively has an impressive coverage. It doesn’t have some of the more techy features such as downloadable apps or Wi-Fi connectivity like some models. Having said this, these are not essential for cutting grass something the Yard Force does very well. It does come with a rain sensor so there is no need to worry about splutters across the lawn or small skid marks on the lawn. This robot lawn mower has very impressive cutting attributes with high power blades therefore can handle steep slopes and uneven terrain.
I believe if I was going to spend a little more on a lower priced robot mower this would certainly be the one I would choose. With ever spending less on any given purchase quality and rigidity are always a concern. As a result of sound German design combined with its impressive operational statistics means its an exceptional Choice.



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